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This Course will begin with a demonstration video featuring a folktale from Greece: CAT WOMAN. The Course will then be presented in the following five Classes :

  1. How to select a story
  2. How to prepare for a SL session
  3. How to evaluate students’ progress
  4. Other relevant topics including drawing and when SL fails
  5. Aiming for Optimal Input

Each topic will include a video presentation and will be accompanied by supplemental text explanation.


Learn from the creator of Story-Listening

Story-Listening is a foreign language teaching method developed by Dr. Beniko Mason and based on Second Language Acquisition Theory. 

Class 1:


Class 2:


Class 3:


  • How do I know that the students understood the story
  • What is the purpose of summary writing?
  • Formative evaluation
  • Summative evaluation
  • Quantitative evaluation
  • Questionnaires and individual interviews
  • Standardized Tests or Teacher made tests?

Class 4:

Further Understanding

  • About drawing
  • When SL fails
  • I+1
  • Why SL/GSSR is the best method so far

Class 5:

Aiming for Optimal Input

  • Optimal Input
  • Background Information
  • Story Within a Story
  • Optimal Unpredictability
  • Quantity
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