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SL & GSSR -- Theoretical Foundations and Supporting Evidence

Drs. Krashen and Mason deliver a concise yet comprehensive course on the theory and research behind Story-Listening and GSSR.

What you'll learn:

This Course is organized into six classes.

The video content is organized into the following parts and totals 2.7 hours:

Class 1: Speaking and Writing Don’t Help (20 min)

  1. Forced Speaking Raises Anxiety and Blocks Acquisition
  2. The Silent Period
  3. Case History: Armando
  4. Merrill Swain's Comprehensible Output Hypothesis
  5. Comprehensible Output and "Undertow"

Class 2: Why Support a Delayed Gratification Approach to Language Education (39 min)

  1. The Skill Building Hypothesis
  2. Skill Based Conscious Learning Does Not Work
  3. A Serious Error in Language Education
  4. Studies between more and less input
  5. The Difference Between the Comprehensible Hypothesis and Optimal Input Hypothesis
  6. Does Gradual Mean Slow?

 Class 3: The Conduit Hypothesis (28 min)

  1. The Conduit Hypothesis
  2. Narrow Reading
  3. The Three Stages of Language Acquisition
  4. Evidence to Support the Conduit Hypothesis

 Class 4: The Input Hypothesis and its Rivals (14 min)

  1. The Input Hypothesis and its Rivals
  2. The Input Hypothesis Defined
  3. Who are the Rivals?
  4. Input Hypothesis or Comprehension Hypothesis?

 Class 5: Direct Teaching of Vocabulary and Comprehension Checking (22 min)

  1. Comprehension Checking
  2. The Research
  3. Can Context be Misleading?
  4.  Comprehension Checking After Reading
  5. Direct Teaching of Vocabulary

 Class 6: Non Targeted Input (35 min)

  1. Targeted and Non-Targeted Input
  2. Natural Order of Acquisition
  3. Targeting and Context
  4. Evidence Supporting Non-Targeted Input