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Are you satisfied with your teaching method?

With Story-Listening and GSSR:

  • Students enjoy learning with no anxiety and acquire language quickly
  • Story-Listening can be done by anyone and is possible anywhere
  • It is theory-based and supported by research
  • It is inexpensive and there is a reduced workload for everyone

We are excited to provide the theory, method, and community for you to learn and be successful with Story-Listening.

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The Best Possible Way


"Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR) is one of the most useful ideas that we have ever had introduced into our profession."

-Stephen Krashen

"All we need is a teacher who can tell stories and a library full of books."

-Beniko Mason

Your Journey to
Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading:


Invitation to Story-Listening

  • Experience it for yourself

  • Read the research evidence

  • And learn how to do it!


Jump into Story-Listening: A Practical How-To

This course is an introduction to Story-Listening and GSSR and includes video instruction, reading and assessments. It is a prerequisite for Story-Listening 101.


Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading - Theoretical Foundations and Supporting Evidence

This course is an overview of Stephen Krashen’s Optimal Input theory. This is the theoretical foundation on which Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading rests.


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