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Transform Your Teaching with Story-Listening and GSSR

  • Research-Backed Approach: It is grounded in solid theory, including Dr. Stephen Krashen's Second Language Acquisition theory, and supported by extensive research.
  • Stress-Free Learning: With this method, students learn languages joyfully and free from anxiety.
  • Universal Accessibility: Easily adaptable and implementable in any teaching setting.
  • Cost-Effective & Efficient: Minimize expenses and workload with our process.
  • Comprehensive support: We offer the complete package - theory, practice and a supportive community to guide your journey in Story-Listening.

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"Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR) is one of the most useful ideas that we have ever had introduced into our profession."

-Stephen Krashen

"All we need is a teacher who can tell stories and a library full of books."

-Beniko Mason



Your Journey to
Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading:


Story-Listening Kits

Ready-to-use package includes:
  • SL video of story presented by Dr. Mason
  • Level adapted Story with¬†text profile
  • Prompter (includes drawings)
  • Prompter Vocabulary & More
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Jump into Story-Listening: A Practical How-To

  • Story Selection: Learn¬†how to choose the right stories.
  • Session Preparation:¬†Learn preparation techniques for SL sessions.
  • Student Progress Evaluation: Gain skills in assessing student learning.
  • Overcoming SL Challenges: Explore solutions for common obstacles
  • Optimal Input Focus: Target effective language input¬†

Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading - Theoretical Foundations and Supporting Evidence

This course is an overview of Stephen Krashen’s Optimal Input theory. This is the theoretical foundation on which Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading rests.


Free Course: Unlock Language with SL & GSSR

  • Revolutionize Learning
  • Engage & Inspire
  • Proven Techniques
  • Transform your teaching approach

The Story-Listening Community Connection

Join our virtual hub for language teachers, hosted by Dr. Beniko Mason, an expert in Story-Listening techniques. Connect, learn, and share experiences in this interactive community. 


The Stories First Foundation

Building a bridge to reading through stories first

The Stories First Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting more books, more stories, and more joyful input in language classrooms. 

Discover our collection of free graded readers in simple French, Spanish, English, and German.

Go to the Stories First Foundation Homepage


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