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Course Highlights

Kickoff with a Captivating Demonstration: Experience a Greek folktale, "Cat Woman," brought to life through Story-Listening.

Five Engaging Classes Covering:

  • Selecting the Perfect Story
  • Preparing for a Story-Listening Session
  • Innovative Student Evaluation Techniques
  • Navigating Challenges and Enhancing Engagement
  • Achieving Optimal Input for Maximum Impact

Each topic includes a video presentation and is complemented by textual explanations.


What will you learn in the course?

Learn from the creator of Story-Listening

Story-Listening is a foreign language teaching method developed by Dr. Beniko Mason and based on Second Language Acquisition Theory. 

Class 1:

Story Preparation Essentials

  • Selecting the right story for your audience.
  • Personalizing the story to enhance engagement.
  • Creating an effective Prompter to ensure Optimal Onput.
  • Key rehearsal techniques for a successful Story-Listening lesson.

Class 2:

Effective Story Delivery - Learn key techniques for:

  • Capturing and maintaining student attention from start to end.
  • Crafting engaging story openings and memorable endings.
  • Strategic use of drawings and the prompter for impact.
  • Activities for after the story, enhancing learning and interaction.

Class 3:


  • Techniques to gauge student comprehension of the story.
  • The role of summary writing in assessment.
  • Differentiating between formative and summative evaluations.
  • Approaches to quantitative evaluation.
  • Using questionnaires and individual interviews.
  • Standardized tests or teacher-made tests for effective assessment?

Class 4:

Further Understanding

Explore deeper aspects of Story-Listening:

  • Insights on the role of drawing in SL.
  • Handling situations when SL doesn't go as planned.
  • Understanding and applying the I+1 concept.
  • Discussing why SL/GSSR stands out as a superior teaching method.

Class 5:

Achieving Optimal Input in Story-Listening

  • Strategies for providing Optimal Input to learners.
  • Incorporating background information effectively.
  • Using the 'story within a story' technique.
  • Optimal Unpredictability and Quantity
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