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What's Included in the Kits?     

The Story-Listening Video

You can employ the kits straight "out of the box." Just play the provided demonstration video to your students and use the materials as supplementary resources to enhance your course and introduce the concept of Story-Listening. Alternatively, the video can serve as a helpful blueprint to craft your own presentation.


The Prompter

The Prompter is the teacher's resource that contains and drawings, synonyms, and other notes and is a vital aid in delivering the story. It's used while telling the story to help you convey the details more effectively and comprehensibly. Crafting a useful Prompter typically demands considerable time and effort. The Prompters I provide have undergone refinement over many years and countelss uses. You can use them directly for these stories or personalize and adapt them to better align with your own style.

The Story

These Stories are selected by level for length and contet. The videos are delivered to listeners using language targeted to that level. The Stories include:

  • Total Words
  • K2 Words
  • K1 + K2¬†Percentile
  • Off-List Words¬†

Prompter Vocabulary

This includes various linguistic elements, such as words, sentences, and phrases, to aid in storytelling and understanding the text. Students can take a copy of the story and this prompter home, which includes definitions for each word, making it easier for them to read and understand the story on their own. Japanese, Spanish, and an editible version are included.

Prompter Benefits - Insights from a Language Teacher

  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Customizable
  • Grounded in Expertise


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