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Story-Listening & GSSR

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  • Engaging Methods: Implement Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading for dynamic, stress-free teaching.
  • Fluency Through Stories: Use Story-Listening to elevate students' language abilities.
  • Promote Reading: Encourage self-directed reading to nurture enduring language skills.
  • Joyful Learning: Guide students along a delightful journey to language proficiency.
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Class 1: What is Story-Listening?

Explore the innovative method of Story-Listening, designed to mirror the natural language acquisition process. Discover how engaging, easy-to-understand stories can significantly enhance language learning, making it as effortless and enjoyable as absorbing your native tongue.

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Our "Jump into Story-Listening" course teaches you to skills to effectively implement this method and transform your language teaching approach.

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Class 2: Limitations of Traditional Teaching Methods

Explore the Challenges of Traditional Grammar-Based Teaching Methods: Uncover the limitations of conventional approaches and discover the importance of adopting more engaging, student-centered methods. Understand why moving beyond one-size-fits-all solutions is essential for enhancing language education.

Class 3: The Path to Enhanced Language Learning 

Uncover the transformative power of Input Theory, emphasizing the role of listening and reading in language acquisition. This class introduces the four pillars of understandability, interest, richness, and abundance, reshaping how language is taught.

Class 4: The Advantages of Story-Listening and GSSR

Discover the benefits of combining Story-Listening with Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR) for language learning. Understand how this approach provides optimal input, focuses on comprehension, and leads to remarkable improvements in language proficiency.

Class 5: Implementing SL and GSSR

Learn the practical aspects of integrating Story-Listening and GSSR into language teaching. From choosing universally appealing stories to guiding students in self-selected reading, this class outlines the steps for a more intuitive journey to language fluency.

Ready to expand your knowledge?

Our "Theoretical Foundations" course offers the key principles behind Story-Listening, enriching your approach to language teaching with proven scientific foundation.

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Advance from basic principles to expert language teaching with our targeted courses, designed to build on your initial learning.

Further Your Expertise with Advanced Courses:

Jump into Story-Listening

Dive into the practical application of Story-Listening, enhancing your skills to effectively engage students and foster a love for language learning


Theoretical Foundations

Expand your understanding of the scientific principles that underpin Story-Listening and GSSR, empowering you to base your teaching strategies on solid research and proven methodologies.


These courses are crafted to provide you with the tools, techniques, and theoretical knowledge necessary to revolutionize language teaching. Whether you're new to Story-Listening or looking to deepen your expertise, our advanced offerings will support your professional growth and help you make a lasting impact on your students' language learning journey.