Presentation Slides: Optimizing Teaching and Language Acquisition

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We are pleased to provide the presentation slides from the virtual presentation, Optimizing Teaching and Language Acquisition. This is the keynote presentation that Beniko Mason delivered at the National Taipei University, Sanxia Campus last month

You can download the presentation here.

The video of the presentation is available at the Meetup area of the Story Listening Community page.

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Whenever you're ready, here are the ways we can help you:

  1. Jump Into Story-Listening: A course to gain the practical knowledge and tools to deliver a Story-Listening experience.

  2. Story-Listening Kits: Ready-to-use package including the video, story, Prompter, and additional materials

  3. Theoretical Foundations and Supporting EvidenceGain insights directly from Dr. Stephen Krashen, the renowned creator of the Theory of Second Language Acquisition, whose influential hypotheses are revered among linguists and language educators worldwide.

  4. Free Minicourse: Gain an overview of Story-Listening from its creator and co-developer, Professor Beniko Mason.

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