The Stories First Foundation

Building a bridge to reading through stories first



All we need is a teacher who can tell stories and a library full of books.

Beniko Mason - Founder and President



The Stories First Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting more books, more stories, and more joyful input in language classrooms. Founded in 2017, our mission is to support teachers in building a bridge to reading through stories first. Our projects provide professional development and support for classroom teachers. Our resources are solidly based on current research and theory, especially Krashen and Mason's Optimal Input Hypothesis, the view that we acquire language and literacy when we understand rich, compelling messages.


Our Directors

Beniko Mason, President
Shitennoji University Junior College in Osaka, Japan

Board of Directors: Stephen Krashen, Claire Walter, Ben Rose, María José Cabrera, Stephen Clarke


Our Policies  

The Stories First Foundation is inspired by teachers to meet the highest standards of professional and personal ethics. Beyond merely complying with all applicable laws and regulations, we act with honesty, integrity, and compassion. Learn more about our policies below.

The foundation is a registered non-profit in the state of Tennessee, USA.